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Licensed Animal Removal Specialist Mike Kennedy ("Wildlife Mike")

Serving New Bern & Eastern North Carolina
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Humane and Licensed Animal Removal

Licensed Animal Removal Specialist Mike Kennedy ("Wildlife Mike") specializes in the capture and removal of all types of animals and wild critters, including bats, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, beavers (dams blown), bobcats, coyotes, bees, and other mammals. He has been getting rid of critters for more than a decade and knows the dangers, diseases, and proper way to handle animal intrustions, including cutting off access points to your home, attic, chimney or other structure.

Mike offers safe and humane trapping of most animals. He specializes in bat removal (bats in the attic, bats in the chimney or fireplace, etc.) and is trained at finding and blocking multiple home entry points. If you remove the animals but do not address these entry points, bats and other wildlife animals will return. He can also install chimney caps to prevent bats, birds, squirrels, and other animals from entering your home.

Bats in the Attic

Serving Eastern North Carolina

Animal control and removal services - including getting rid of bats - are available in these and surrounding cities: Pantego, Plymouth, Roper, Jamesville, Elizabeth City, Creswell, Williamston, Windsor, Merry Hill, Edenton, Fairfield, Coumbia, Scranton, Pinetown, Bear Grass, Edward, Fairfield, Chocowinity, Ayden, Grifton, Belhaven, Washington, Vanceboro, Aurora, Oriental, Bayboro, Grantsboro, Merritt, Vandemere, Lowland, Jones Bay, Minnesott Beach, Edward, New Bern, Maysville, Jacksonville, Richlands, Pollocksville, Trenton, Cove City, Dover, Ernul, Havelock, Morehead City, Bath, Kinston, Goldsboro, Greenville, Wilmington, Wilson, Newport, Emerald Isle, and Atlantic Beach.

Got bats? Mike specialize in bat control and bat abatement (fancy way of saying I get rid of bats in your attic, as well as bats in your chimney/fireplace, or other dwelling. More importantly, I prevent them from re-entering your home, attic, chimney, fireplace, or other structures.
Bat Control

Noises in your chimney? I also offer expert bird control solutions.
Bird Control

Squirrels in your eaves? They might be cute but once they cause thousands in damage, they will look less so. Squirrels have a reputation for chewing the insulation off electrical wires, creating a real fire hazard and countless trips by electricians, drywall specialists, and painters. I stop squirrel infestations and prevent further intrusions into your home.
Squirrel Control

Raccoons on the loose? Our animal trapping is humane. The last thing you want is a vicious raccoon in your attic or terrorizing your family (they have been known to attack small children) through repeated attempts to enter your home, attic or shed, as well as feed (and raise families) by raiding your trash.
Get rid of raccoons